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Night on PandemoniaFiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be)The Divyne Bleeders
(volume 1)(volume 2)(collection of the 2 volumes)
In ancient times, Goddess Ivy created a world in which She allowed all kinds of creatures to coexist. But the creatures of the night caused a great deal of concern to mortals. Perhaps a young girl’s metamorphosis into a Vampire would be a game-changer. Kate-Lynn had the distinction of keeping her soul when Vampire Valek made her his infanta. At his side, she fought in the defense of mortals to whom she still felt so close. Was she going to achieve her goal without losing what made her so different from her peers? Explore Pandemonia and its surroundings with her, still beware if you are a mortal yourself, and discover the journey of one who wanted to change the world.The Pandemonia Vampire is back ... or almost. Through visions which constantly eat away at her throughout her journey far from her adopted city. Learn never-before-seen anecdotes belonging to residents of the Unique Vampiric location in the world of Divyn. Get to know more about diverse and varied creatures which made the heyday of the Vampire sphere. And find out what happened to the Vampire from "Night on Pandemonia" after her disappearance. In this final writing about the universe of Ivy, you will have the answers to all the questions that have remained unanswered since the previous volume. And you will know the end of the story.In her infinite goodness, the Goddess Ivy created a world divided into different spheres, one for each type of creature who would agree to worship Her. This is how the Divine Lands were born. Among these lands was the Vampire Sphere which, as the name suggests, housed the creatures of the night. From the Lycans to the Ghoules, passing by the Incubes and other Farfadets, beyond the small villages of mortals like Dorelys, Lake De La Luna and the dangerous forest of the Abymes, reigned the great City which bore the name Pandemonia, stronghold of the Vampires, where the sun never rose. It was there that Kate-Lynn ran aground, a young mortal who had unwittingly turned Vampire, following the request of her Lord named Valek, who had made her understand that it was in this City that she had to go in order to 'find protection there. He was supposed to join her, but everything did not go as planned ...
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Haze of OblivionShadow of Remembrance
(volume 1)(prequel)
“My name is Catherine. I'm 35 years old. I own an apartment in Paris, and I have a well-paid job. I also have a 5 year old son, William, and a golden nanny, Claire. I have everything it takes to be happy. And yet…” Being constantly checked by a psychologist, she tries to have a normal life amidst the moments when she loses ground between alcohol, depravity and blackouts. Being the sole witness to a murder in the convenience store where she usually does her grocery shopping, her already not so peaceful little life will be turned upside down in just one week.My name is julien. I’m 31 and it’s 2014. At least that’s what it’s just explained to me. I just regained consciousness in the hospital, in intensive care. I don't remember anything, not even my own life before that. No one knows what happened except him, somewhere buried deep in his memory. He will gradually remember the facts. Dispute. Insults. Domestic violence. Then Catherine, who disappeared from the road after the assault she perpetrated on him that nearly killed him. The shadows of her memories will resurface, no matter what.
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The Novae Terrae, volume 1:The Novae Terrae, volume 2:The Novae Terrae, volume 3
Blood WarPower WarClans War
Imagine a world in which nothing is as you ever pictured it before. Discover, from the beginnings of time and up to the present day, the behind the scenes of the world that you could not behold. Let us travel across the globe alongside an enigmatic vampire and discover with her the deepest secrets of history, the ones that no book has told you until this day and that Tomasz will learn at the same time as you. Because the world as you know it is only the surface of mankind’s most concealed secrets, hidden away by an astonishing witch with powers as far-reaching as they are astounding.As we now know, the Witch’s interference had produced a significant alteration in the order of things in this world, especially for us human beings. The Vampire Hunter of the Order of the Eternals is in dire straits now, and the Eternals cannot help him because they are unaware of his distress. The future seems to be in the Vampires’ favour now. But that is without taking into account the intervention of a few characters who nobody expected, and who will do everything to change the future of the world to their advantage. Will the fate to which the planet seems doomed change?The Vampire Hunter of the Order of the Eternals is gone, along with all those with whom he tried to protect the Novae Terrae when they faced an army of Vampires led by Eleonore and Aleksis who assaulted the citadel in which Tomasz, Mylena and the Eternals were lying in wait. But all is not lost. There is still hope in Sarah. Born from the union of a Hunter and a Witch, she is an exceptional being who still promises many surprises for the Vampires. The two clans will this time be surrounded by new allies of their own choice, and the outcome of this story is more than uncertain.
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Extract No.3Extract No.3Extract No.3
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The Novae Terrae,
The trilogy
At the beginning of time, the birth of Luisù Sazanùs, a being descended from the first Vampire in history, was about to bring the whole world into chaos. This threat had been solved by his mother, human but also one of the most powerful Witches that the Earth has borne, who created an artefact in which she concealed the most important of all powers, in order to prevent her offspring from using it against all of humanity. She also founded the Order of the Eternals to ensure the safety of this coveted object. They decided to entrust its protection to one, single being, a Hunter, who would also be responsible for fighting against the descendants of Luisù, determined to achieve the latter’s goals. But the shadow of another threat hangs in the air, made flesh by Eleonore, a creature who is not the kind to give up easily…
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ExchangedIf I was alive...