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Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be) - second excerpt

"Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be)", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be)", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the second excerpt from my novel, "Fiat Tenebra Let Darkness be)", in its version translated by Saleem Rustom.

She left the house and resumed her walk. Trying to forget the events of the day that just passed. She who has already been amply tortured for months. She knew she was going to have a hard time hiding the last few hours. As she walked through a field as unoccupied as it was silent, a new vision assailed her. She heard the words first.

- Yes, my parents were tortured during my human life. I am a Vampire now. But I kept my part of humanity. Even in my darkest times I couldn't torture.

That voice was Satyr's. She arrived in Pandemonia with Hades, to accompany him for the farewell ceremony organized for his brother Angelus. Satyr was little known in the city. However, she could be seen at the tavern from time to time. And it was there that she said the words which Bloodwitch's mind reminded her of. Satyr's anecdote made the Vampire realize she could have transfigured the child she left alone a few hours earlier, next to his parents' corpses. It was now too late to turn around. So she brushed that idea from her mind. Especially since she could not imagine taking a child of such age under her wing. A child whose mother she had savagely emptied of her life. Without the shadow of a hesitation.

"I know who I am. And I don't hide my face. Therefore, I only feed myself at the source. I am not cruel. But we are what we are. I never feed on children. Even if it turns out to be the nicest blood in the mouth."

Bloodwitch put her head in her hands. How could she think so? She then pulled herself together. It wasn't her voice which echoed. It was Wednesday's. She would undoubtedly laugh out loud at the current state of the Vampire who was her lover for a few hours. Those words that just echoed in her mind, on what occasion did she hear them? She was unable to remember. Was it possible that her visions were developing to the point of seeing events she has not yet witnessed?

It was on this existential question that she resumed her journey. Not without wondering if she was going in the right direction. When she was assaulted once again by words.

"Beware, little mortal. I know everything about you. I can already feel the blood beating in your temples. I can already feel in your belly the uncertain eddy of your intestines. I can already feel…"

- Aone?

With that, Bloodwitch turned around. The voice was so real that she believed her son was very close to her. This son she had just heard however, was not the one who now lived far from the creatures of the night. It was the Vampire she had raised. Aone Luz Oscuria. In the distant days when he was in his original form, he never showed his mother that he could exercise any cruelty.
"He got that from me…"

Bloodwitch sighed. She who had always struggled to go against her vampiric nature. She finally realized that whatever she did, she was no longer that young girl carelessly abandoned in a ditch near her hometown. Her mortal life was over. She must get used to it. Centuries may have passed. She had never told herself that she had no choice but to accept her nature. To be attached to the idea that she had kept feelings. Yet she had gone through a period when her morals no longer counted. Or almost. In reality, these sensations always remained. They were just buried deep inside. She knew she could do this tour de force again. And she was beginning to think that things would surely be much easier this way.

Her walk took her to the edge of a small village. She couldn't remember crossing it when she made the trip the other way. But whatever. She stepped forward. The small main street had a few small houses. Most of which were inhabited. And the population seemed to be completely immersed in sleep. The Vampire nevertheless felt observed. And more and more as she went her way.

Suddenly she sprawled out. Her face to the ground. She hadn't tripped. Someone had pushed her. Before she could turn around to see who the man who dared the gesture was, she felt an iron hand grab her hair and pull her head back. All she could see was blood that leaked from the corner of her mouth and stained the spot where she fell.

As she was about to nudge behind her to free herself, her assailant grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. Bloodwitch couldn't suppress a cry of pain as her attacker makes her bite the dust a second time. She instantly lost consciousness.

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