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The Novae Terrae, volume 1 - first excerpt

"The Novae Terrae, volume 1: Blood War", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"The Novae Terrae, volume 1: Blood War", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the first excerpt from my novel, "The Novae Terrae, volume 1 : Blood War", in its version translated by Andreea Mirică.

At the beginning of time, there is said to be a Vampire who does not fit the description we know today. Indeed, Aleksis Sazanùs, the first Vampire in history, did not have Vampire fangs. It is said that he had a long-lasting and beautiful romantic relationship with a human and that he understood late and at his own expense that she had hidden many of her capacities from him. For this human was also a seasoned Witch, and she had always been cautious not to let him into the full extent of her aptitudes.

She was madly in love with him, but he did not want her by his side. That mattered little to the Witch, as she made use of her powers to hypnotize Aleksis, and so she achieved her goal without much difficulty. She was aware of his vampiric nature and that he needed human blood to live. But her love for him was such that she sacrificed a bit of her own blood every day for him to drink. He was so greedy that he nearly murdered his mate several times, and with the help of the spell she cast on him, he was very angry with himself every time she was in pain.

During the day, the Vampire would hide from the sunlight, as it could have killed him. Meanwhile, the Witch attended her herbalist shop, which was usually frequented by her fellow humans. They visited her chiefly in order to request plants that would cure their more or less grave illnesses. In rarer cases, they would come to buy love potions or even spells to charm someone.

Fearing that her mate would learn that she mastered her abilities much better than she wished to admit, she always responded in the same manner to all the customers who asked for this kind of service: “I do not know the Witches’ spells. I am not one myself.” Mylena Zetùnova protected her skills in such a way that very few people could tell who she really was. She was clever; she was a master at hiding her secrets and had only entrusted the full extent of her gift to those who truly needed them.

From the union between this hypnotized Vampire and this Witch, Luisù Sazanùs was born. He was the first fanged Vampire in history. Noting the presence of these strangely elongated canines on her child, Mylena asked herself a thousand questions. Fearing the future actions of this child, she decided to repudiate him and then abandon him. The father had no say in this matter since she explained to him the visions she had had at the time of giving birth to their son, visions that made her realize that Luisù would become a great threat to the whole world. A drastic decision had to be made to keep him from harming anybody, and the Witch had no better idea than to get rid of him.

But Luisù survived this abandonment, and he understood that the human race that his mother was a part of was nothing but an inferior race to his, which was immortal due to its half-vampiric nature. Hungry for power, he was convinced that when the time was right, he could rule the world. He began a crusade against humans; he began to massacre them one after the other, without anyone being able to stop him.

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