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Night on Pandemonia - second excerpt

"Night on Pandemonia", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"Night on Pandemonia", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the second excerpt from my novel, "Night on Pandemonia", in its version translated by Saleem Rustom.

It was not until Noxen 1206 after Ivy that Nightwitch gave birth to her child. The pains she felt that morning were abominable. Valek wondered if she would manage to survive after enduring such pain. The work lasted several hours, a whole day, which Valek spent with his partner, taking care of her as best as possible, bringing her whatever she wanted, worrying about her.

He was literally consumed with anxiety. He wanted this coming child, but he refused to lose Nightwitch in return. He didn’t know anything about motherhood at all. And he couldn’t ask anyone for help. No villager would have agreed to assist two Vampires in giving birth to their child. Moreover, the situation was so absurd that no one would have believed his story if he had been tricked into telling it to someone. Nightwitch therefore had to fend for herself, at the risk of her "life".

It was when the sun began to decline that the child finally agreed to show up. It was a little girl whom Valek and Nightwitch mutually named Persephone, after the chthonic goddess of the underworld.

—The first of the new generation of Aphrosia," said Valek. I never would have believed that possible. She is the symbol that Aphrosias are not dead forever.

Nightwitch, though very weak the moment little Persephone was born, managed to smile a little. She knew Valek wanted his family to live again, even though they had learned some of them still existed thanks to the clan’s matriarch. The little newborn Vampire meant a lot to him, and Nightwitch knew that.

Valek took the child in his arms and looked at her closely. She had no teeth except for two tiny white tips that showed through her upper gums, traces that suggested vampiric canines. He swore then that he would never take risks again, for he now had a real family, and he needed to stay with them.

He leaned over to kiss Nightwitch before handing the toddler over to her, whom she hugged tightly. They looked like a classic couple who had just given birth to a perfectly normal child.

However, the Vampires should not learn that the two lovers had given birth to a child. Otherwise the baby might not keep her "life" for very long. Persephone was definitely not to be seen outside, at least not until she was old enough to be able to defend herself on her own, which meant a few years.

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