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Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be) - first excerpt

"Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be)", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"Fiat Tenebra (Let Darkness be)", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the first excerpt from my novel, "Fiat Tenebra Let Darkness be)", in its version translated by Saleem Rustom.

Pandemonia, year 1500 after Ivy. The air was dense, as though saturated with the opaque sulfur of an erupting volcano. Pandemonia was the vampiric city of the United Divine Spheres, a universe created by the Goddess Ivy. The Divyne, in Her infinite goodness, had made it possible for all kinds of creatures to have a place to protect and develop themselves, Vampires included. No one was present when Pandemonia was created. But her existence commanded vampires and other creatures of the night, to respect Ivy. For it was thanks to Her that they had this refuge.

Most of the land surrounding the city consisted of a large piece of land made up of mountains, forests and water. Various small villages had grown up over the centuries in building lands such as Askarath. A town in the far northeast of the sphere at the foot of Ezmül River. Among the must-see places in the area, we could mention the mountains of Ezkülla, Lake De La Luna where once resided a band of Lycans led by a certain Ryder who was slain by a brave Vampire, the Valley of the Dead, the Strigoï plain. As well as the Abymes forest, which surrounded Pandemonia. The stronghold par excellence of Vampires. The only place in the sphere where the sun never shone.

The city, whose geographical shape recalled a pentacle due to the presence of five distinct districts ending in a spike, had everything its residents could need. A walkway surrounded the entirety of the place, used by guards who carry out endless patrols. Armed with bows and arrows ready for use as soon as a threat approaches. Others also filtered the entrances and exits around the access gates to the city, to ensure optimal security.

At the heart of Pandemonia stood a Divyn Temple, erected by the Vampires themselves in honor of the Unique One. Although they were the most nefarious of all, these creatures did not forget that they owed the existence of this place to Her. And it was with honor and respect that they built this monument for Her. The pride of the entire city. The visit of which was a must for anyone passing nearby.

The temple was surrounded by large gardens bordered by beech, oak and ash trees. Huge flower beds surrounded the path which led to its entrance. Although tortuous, this route was easily practicable for any Ivyan wishing to meditate. The temple itself cast an aura noticeable to the naked eye. It was indeed surrounded by a strong supernatural white glow. At the back of the building, the Ivyans' credo was proudly engraved. "Credo Potestae Divyna" read there. And below, was added that of the city's Vampires, which was "Fiat Tenebra". "Let there be Darkness". An excellent choice for a place which did not see the light of day. On the sides of the temple, pillars adorned with the name of Divyne stood proudly near the stained glass windows depicting the One in different parts of Her history. And up front, two large ebony doors whose cuffs depicted the vampiric logo, the famous circle with a pair of fangs, were just waiting for someone to push them in order to gaze inside.

When opened, these doors revealed rows of wooden benches separated in the middle by a passage covered with a long carpet, as red as blood, which led to the nave lit by black candles. On the surrounding walls, one could see tapestries depicting the first Vampires in history.

The five branches making up the city were the commercial district, the first that one crossed while passing its imposing gates and the guards which protected them. Then the residential district, the district of the Inquisition, the district of the Government and finally, the military district. While the first two seemed welcoming, the other three seemed very austere. Especially the government quarters, due to its proximity to the cemetery. It should be noted that the Vampires took the various threats which hovered over them very seriously, and always buried the ashes of their fellows with dignity. The military quarters, although just as dark, concealed an priceless treasure that was the Library. It contained all the knowledge that the Vampires acquired over centuries. It also included a very complete bestiary, designed by Kereska Luz Oscuria, of all possible and imaginable creatures. A wealth of information for anyone wishing to learn as much as possible about the local wildlife.

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