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Night on Pandemonia - first excerpt

"Night on Pandemonia", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"Night on Pandemonia", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the first excerpt from my novel, "Night on Pandemonia", in its version translated by Saleem Rustom.

It was a day of Depaïr 1085 after Ivy which saw the birth of Kate-Lynn, in the village of Dorelys, at the very center of the Vampire sphere. Dorelys was a tiny and very poor village, made up of people who had nowhere else to go, and who ultimately stayed there by default. Despite the existence of dangerous creatures in the vicinity, no vampiric presence was to be deplored within this village. They were mortals amongst mortals, but always watched over by creatures of the night which did not live so far from the walls.

Kate-Lynn’s immediate entourage consisted of a coachman father and a baker mother, a rather mundane life. Life in the family home was not the best, as the three members of the household could not always have enough to eat. They were penniless, and Kate-Lynn had to grow up in this world of poverty and misery.

Until the age of 5, she did not realize the nature of this world she was growing in. But when she began to understand what surrounded her, she realized she could not spend all her life in such a place. She would one day have to leave this cocoon which seemed so secure to her but which in reality was not. She had tried to build a little life that was as quiet as possible, yet she could only make one friend, whose name was Elonia.

She spent a lot of time with this friend, and grew up with her. They learned everything there was to learn together, reading, writing, singing. They were like two sisters, had the same tastes, always thought the same way. The whole village was aware of this so close bond that reigned between the two little girls. And they were known to everyone. Everybody greeted them when they walked the streets, always arm in arm.

Elonia was a very lively little girl. She did not really know discretion, and therefore stood out wherever she went. She had made a bad habit of speaking very loudly, always speaking her mind. Kate-Lynn, on the other hand, was a calm little girl, very calm. She didn’t like to be spotted in the street. However, she loved Elonia so much that she decided to come to terms with her friend’s odd behavior. And then again, Elonia was her only accomplice, her only confidante, the only one she could spend time with after all.

Kate-Lynn’s parents didn’t like Elonia so much because of her overly exuberant demeanor, a million miles from theirs. They were worried that their daughter would become the same, and that would get her in trouble. So they tried to prevent the two sidekicks from seeing each other too often. But the two had found a way to see each other regularly anyway, because Elonia’s parents liked Kate-Lynn very much, and always welcomed her with open arms.

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