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Shadow of Remembrance - first excerpt

"Shadow of Remembrance", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"Shadow of Remembrance", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the first excerpt from my novel, "Shadow of Remembrance", in its version translated by Fatima Basil.

- He’s waking up!

A woman's voice I can’t recognize. Whose is it? And… where am I? The light around me dazzled me as I opened my eyes. I think I can hear someone running away. I am not sure; I am unable to emerge.

I guess I can spot something that looks like a ceiling light above my head, like the ones you see in hospitals. It’s what blinds me. I look around with my freshly opened eyes.

I am lying in an unfamiliar bed. It’s a hospital bed with a crisp white sheet under which my body is hidden. I feel my toes moving on the other end of the bed. It's a good sign, I guess. I try to lift my right hand to my face. I can see my fingers after a few seconds, still too numb to move at a normal speed.

To my right is a small dresser on which is placed a red landline phone, whose handset is connected to its base with a knotted wire.

To my left is a huge beige wardrobe that prevents me from seeing what’s beyond; probably the door to this room in which I am alone. However, I did hear a voice. But it must’ve been the one who hurried out.

I hear bursts of words of someone approaching. Indeed, a few seconds later, two individuals meet in front of my bed. I do not see their faces correctly, I don’t know if they are men or women, my vision is still blurry from my too recent awakening.

- It is important not to rush him.

This voice belongs to a woman. I can guess that she is not very young from the tone of her speech. Fifty maybe. I imagine her small, and brunette, with hair probably held in a bun. She must be a nurse, she shouldn’t have hair loose on her shoulders, it is forbidden in these kinds of jobs. I’d have to be able to see her to get a better idea of ​​what she looks like.

- I came to warn you as soon as he started moving.

Another woman. This one’s younger. I think she’s rather tall and blonde, unlike her interlocutor. She must not be a nurse, as the tone in which she has just spoke easily suggests an unprecedented panic. Looks like she saw a ghost the moment she says that insignificant little phrase. Is it me, the ghost?

- Let him come to his senses. But remember, you'll have to take it slow.

The first woman has just spoken. Yes, she's old, I have no doubt now. Her voice is hoarse. She probably used to smoke for a number of years for her vocal cords to be so worn out. Too bad for a nurse. This is not really what a man envisions when he imagines the one who cares for him in his room, who stays at his bedside to give him care, or even more so affinities. Well, what? I'm a man, I know what I'm talking about.

My eyes finally allow me to distinguish the two women discussing in front of me. The nurse is indeed old, short and apparently brown. Her hair is very gray, and well and truly held in a bun. As for the other, she is indeed slender and blonde. She has very beautiful green eyes, hidden behind glasses with thin blue branches, large marbles that I can't wait to see more closely. She is pretty, she is indeed. Her hair is in a shade that reminds me of wheat falling elegantly over her shoulders. They are not very long. She has a bob haircut, I think, they look shorter at the back of her head.

- Julien, do you recognize me?

It’s the beautiful naiad that I have been eyeing for a few seconds who just addressed me like this. I'm supposed to know who she is. Not possible, I would still remember. I can't open my mouth. Curious.

- Can he talk?

The naiad suddenly looked worried. The nurse, to whom she asked this question, shrugged.

- You know, awakenings after such a long time are rare. Our means do not allow us to predict how it’s going to go for him.

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