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The Novae Terrae, volume 2 - second excerpt

"The Novae Terrae, volume 2: Power War", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria
"The Novae Terrae, volume 2: Power War", by Bloodwitch Luz Oscuria

This is the second excerpt from my novel, "The Novae Terrae, volume 2 : Power War", in its version translated by Andreea Mirică.

After a very long discussion, the Eternals, Mylena and Tomasz come to an agreement on what was best for them to do. They must vacate the scene, as the presence of Eleonore put Tomasz in great danger. But first, they must find the Hunters’ Record Book, which was still in his home. They decide to go together, so as to be more efficient in their search for the precious book. They know they might run into Eleonore on their way, maybe even in Tomasz’s house. So, they take all the necessary precautions not to be spotted, and they wait until the following night to go out of their hiding place, from under the public gardens.

When evening comes, the Eternals begin to climb the staircase that separates them from the outside world, followed by Tomasz. Mylena trails close behind them. They cross the town, careful not to be seen by anyone, and manage to reach Tomasz’s house without much difficulty. When Mylena had left the place a few days earlier, she had taken care to close the door behind her. Without locking it, because she was not in possession of the key. Tomasz makes no comment when he notices that the front door is not double locked as usual when the first Eternal opens it.

There is no sound coming from inside, and all the lights are off. The coast seemed clear. Tomasz invites his allies upstairs, where he believes the record book to be. When they get to the top of the stairs, they can only see how badly everything has been overturned there. Tomasz remembers, seeing the boxes, having opened a large part of them himself. But he had not emptied their contents like that.

“Are you sure it is here?” Mylena asks him.

“Absolutely,” Tomasz said confidently. “But I don’t remember leaving such a mess.”

“Eleonore was here when I came a few days ago. This must be the outcome of her search. I do not know for how long she had been here when I arrived.”

“You think she didn’t find the book?”

“Probably not. No, she was still looking when I came in, surprising her.”

They, therefore, begin to search every nook and cranny of the house and to look amongst the objects scattered on the ground. They also take the time to look at the bottom of each of the overturned boxes, in case anything might have been left there. But the book remains nowhere to be found. Several hours pass, and there is still no trace of it. Until Tomasz, in a burst of enlightenment, remembers.

“It’s not here,” he says, with excitement in his voice, which surprises the others.

“We can see that,” said one of the Eternals.

“No, what I mean is that it’s not in the house! Come with me.”

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